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Top Spanish wines

Top Spanish wines from the Amadis de Gaula Bodega, to be enjoyed (and purchased) at Hotel La Casa del Rector in Almagro.

Espejo Líquido


Colour, bouquet and taste

Presents a straw yellow colour with golden reflections, high gloss and transparency. On the nose intense floral notes which later give way to fruity notes with good combination of quince, tropical fruit and citrus tones. Tender and delicate. These aromas develop into nut aromas during its bottling due to easy oxidation of its sugars. Noble balance in the mouth, between sweetness and acidity and a perfumed finish. Clean and longlasting aftertaste.



100% Syrah

Colour, bouquet and taste

Intense burgundy red with ruby rim. Dense and coloured must. On the nose powerful and complex aromas with black fruits intertwining elegantly with notes of low mountain, subtle toasted, fine wood and abundant spicy notes. The mouth is pure balance. Tannins leave elegant expressive and chewy taste that gets stronger on the palate. Very long and concentrated, achieving a wide attack and finish. Intense and deep finish with hints of stewed fruit.



60% Syrah, 40% Cabernet Sauvignon

Colour, bouquet and taste

Intense Picota cherry red with ruby rim. Very marked and colored must. Powerful, clean and fruity on the nose. Notes of acidic fruit (blueberries) and ripe black fruit joining toasted notes (coffee liqueur) and a background of cocoa and spices. Also hints of dairy and laurel. First sensation on the palate is wide and elegant. Perfectly combined underlying structure. Very good balance between tannin, acidity and alcohol. Complex and chewy taste. Wide attack and finish. Intense and persistent finish.


Requiebro Syrah

100% Syrah

Colour, bouquet and taste

Very intense Picota cherry red. Remarkable violet colours on the ddge of the wine in the glass. Powerful and coloured must. Powerful, clean and fruity on the nose. Notes of cassis, black fruit and dairy as well as toasted notes. Very intense on the palate, first sensation is of freshness and liveliness. Tasty, with sweetness and structure. Enveloping and very fruity finish.


Requiebro Macabeo (coming soon)


Please contact our sales department if you wish to purchase one of our Amadís de Gaula wines.



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