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Volcano Cerro Gordo

Since early 2016, the Cerro Gordo Volcano in Granátula de Calatrava can be visited, following an interpetive tour.

Must See:

Cerro Gordo, in Granatula de Calatrava, is one of Spain's most important volcanos and the first that can be visited.

Since early 2016, Cerro Gordo offers an interpretive tour:

It is a sort of outdoor museum, an attractive space that analyzes the history and the volcanic phenomenon in the Campo de Calatrava area, a region which has about 300 volcanoes and whose last eruptions took place less than 10,000 years ago.

The access area explains what you will see during your visit: A series of walkways guide the visitors to the volcano and 10 interpretive tables, located along the route, explain how and what is the process of formation of a volcano as well as simple aspects of volcanic geology of this particular area and the phenomenon in general. There is also a wooden, four meters high gazebo-observatory, offering beautiful panoramic views.

What to do:

Taking a tour "inside" the volcano.

Ctra. Valenzuela a Granátula de Calatrava
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