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La Yezosa Volcano

La Yezosa Volcano in the Campo de Calatrava region, Spain.

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The La Yezosa Volcano (38º-51'-11 "N / 3rd-39'-50" W) rises over the mountains separating the Paleozoic basin of Almagro from the one of Moral de Calatrava. It is located southeast of the town of Almagro, rising about 200 meters from the surrounding territories. This is certainly the most slender of all Campo de Calatrava cones, and one of the larger, although currently the intense exploitation of pyroclastic and lava flows has profoundly altered its appearance. It consists of a pyroclastic cone, which has a crater open to southwest and which spilled a powerful cast that has crossed the Sierra by the Cuesta de Banderas pass, forming a wide range, formerly known as "Negrizal de La Dehesa". The flows have developed a coarse prismatic disjunction. The lavas are melilite.

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