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Cuevas Negras Volcano

The Cuevas Negras Volcano has one of the best preserved craters in the Campo de Calatrava volcanic region.

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The Cuevas Negras Volcano (38º-48'-40 "N / 3rd-45'-46" W) is formed in a strombolian eruption that begins with the issuance of a fluid flow over 3 kilometers in length, 500 meters wide and a power of more than l0 meters, which heads north to the Valenzuela basin. To the west another long and narrow lava flow, which binds to those emitted by the volcano of La Cornudilla and through a small eruptive mouth to the Cerro Negro Volcano, located in the Cañada Honda area. The issuance of this casting followed by explosive phases with an abundant emission of pyroclastic, that forms 70 meters high cone over the quartzites of the mountain peaks. On top of this cone a crater opens, undoubtedly the best preserved crater in this volcanic region. It has a circular floor, 500 meters in diameter and a depth of around 60 m. Just the same as the whole volcano, it is slightly declined towards NW, presenting on its eastern edge powerful Spatter cliffs.

Ctra. Valenzuela a Gran?tula de Calatrava
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