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Campo de Calatrava Volcanoes

Some of Spain's most impressive volcanoes are located in La Mancha, in the Campo de Calatrava area.

Must See:

Volcanoes on the Canary Islands, volcanoes in Garrotxa and volcanoes... in the Campo de Calatrava area. One of the most unique and unknown phenomena in Spain are certainly the volcanoes of Campo de Calatrava, ancient and disturbing representatives of a wild nature, now almost extinct, which is still able to show its former power by the visible traces left in part of the La Mancha orography. Just to mention some of the volcanoes and lakes: Cervera Volcanic Lake, Fuente Agria Chorrillo, Cerro Gordo, Columba...

In exceptionally wet years, the depressions or craters of explosive hydromagmatic origin of the mountains of the Calatrava region generate small lagoons of great beauty, which are reborn to life allowing the emergence of a unique flora and fauna adapted to the peculiar conditions of each lake. Popularly known as "Hoyas" or "maar", the lakes of Cervera, La Posadilla, Michos and La Alberquilla, offer some of the most beautiful landscapes of the Iberian Peninsula with lagoons that are surrounded by abundant blooms and high volcanic walls.

This volcanic region has a total area of ​​about 5,000 square kilometers and includes about 240 differentiated volcanoes. Some of the main towns within the area are Ciudad Real, Miguelturra, Almagro, Daimiel and Bolaños.

What to do:

The volcanoes and lakes can be visited. We recommend 4x4 guided tours.

We recommend:

Since early 2016, the Cerro Gordo Volcano in Granátula de Calatrava can be visited, following an interpetive tour.

Campo de Calatrava
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