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Archaeological site of Oreto y Zuqueca

Archaeological site of Oreto y Zuqueca, near Granatula de Calatrava, Spain.

Must See:

The archaeological site of Oreto y Zuqueca is located about 5 kilometers south of Granatula de Calatrava, on the right bank of the river Jabalón.

It is declared of Cultural Interest (BIC) in the category of Archaeological Zone, having been found remains of a Visigoth Necropolis and the Muslim city of Zuqueca.

The place occupies a privileged position because it overlooks a large area of the valley and the system of traditional communications in this area of the Campo de Calatrava region with several paths and roads that link Andalusia with the northern part of the lower Meseta and the eastern regions.

The archaeological importance of the surroundings, in which the site is located, is well known since ancient times, because nearby there is Cerro de Oreto, containing the ruins of Oretum, the capital of Oretania (a Roman province which extended from north to south the Sierra Morena until the region of Andalusia); the Cerro de los Obispos, an important Iberian site in whose slopes some graves, attributed to the Visigoth bishops, were found; several late Roman necropolis corresponding to Oretum and the Roman bridge over the Jabalón river, built by Publio Baebius Venusto and dated between the late 1st century and the early 2nd century.

Numerous pieces from different eras have been found, among which coins, pottery, farm items and loom stones.

What to do:

Visit the nearby Hermitage of Oreto y Zuqueca, the Cerro de la Encantada site and the Roman bridge of Baebio

We recommend:

Having lunch in El Portón de Calatrava, located in the village of Calzada de Calatrava.

Partiendo desde Granatula de Calatrava por su calle principal que atraviesa la población (C/ del Santo, antigua carretera Almagro-Calzada) por la Avda. de Nuestra Señora de Zuqueca. Cinco Km. de camino asfaltado lleva a Oreto-Zuqueca.
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