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Almad?n Mining Park

Day trip from La Casa del Rector, 4-star spa-hotel in Almagro, to the Almaden Mining Park, recently declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Must See:

The Almadén Mining Park is a living inheritance of two thousand years of Almadén operation. After closing mining activity in 2003, the oldest mines in the world, in operation up until our time, show us their secrets.

Mercury, the living silver of the Romans, is shown at the park in all of its aspects: the extraction of its mineral, cinnabar, mercury sulphur, its transformation in the metallurgical furnaces, its physical and chemical properties, its uses, and of course, its eternal history.

The Mining Park's facilities, wells and buildings are the heart of Spanish sites on the World Heritage List, under the name Heritage of Mercury. Almadén and Idrija.

What to do:

Visit the Park (duration between 2,30 and 4 hours), the Visitor's Center, the Mercury Museum and the Miners' Hospital of San Rafael.

We recommend:

Having lunch at Casa Betancourt.

Cerco de San Teodoro s/n 13400 Almadén (CIUDAD REAL)
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